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ZACK [Isaac Foster]

❛ I'm a respectable male adult, so I'm not into shredding emotionless dolls. ❜

IC Inbox

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♚ BACKTAGGING: This is fine.
♚ FOURTHWALLING: Unless we're in a community/meme that already breaks the fourth wall, please don't.
♚ THREADHOPPING: Sure, why not.
♚ OFFENSIVE SUBJECTS: I don't really squick easily, but if something ends up bothering me, let me know.

☄ IC

♚ PHYSICAL AFFECTION: Zack might not be too comfortable with it if he doesn't know you too well. Best case scenario, you get pushed away. Worst case... See the permissions section. Still, he won't mind it if he trusts your character, and I don't mind you trying it at all.
Zack doesn't romance easily, but if you can prove yourself to be a good friend he will protect you with his life.
♚ PHYSICAL VIOLENCE: You really want to fight this guy? He's strong enough to throw a 13 year old girl into a vent near the ceiling, he will chase after you relentlessly, and did I mention he's a freaking killer with a scythe?! Go ahead, he will fight you.
♚ INJURY/MURDER: Zack can take a lot of hits before he goes down. He has a strong resistance to pain, and he has been shown to be able to wield a heavy scythe while critically wounded. That being said, he is still human and can be killed. Let me know if you plan on dismembering or attempting to kill Zack.
♚ RELATIONSHIPS: If the CR's good, then I don't mind. Just one request: If the other character's under 18, can we please keep it platonic?

☄ Permissions

♚ HE'S A KILLER: Zack is, by nature, a very impulsive young man. One of his favorite hobbies is to kill people. Luckily, he only kills people who seem to be ecstatic or really piss him off. He won't go after empty, emotionless shells of people. Under normal circumstances, he will refuse to grant death wishes. So yeah, he may end up killing your character, or probably injuring them at least. I default to injury, but I will ask when he's about to try and kill someone.
♚ BAD CHILDHOOD: Zack comes from an abusive background involving a serious injury at an early age and mistreatment at an unlicensed orphanage. This may be disturbing to some roleplayers.
♚ MAD COWORKERS: The people he works/worked with at the murder building in his canon were all murderous lunatics who were more than happy to subject people to various tortures and have specific methods of murder. Any castmates from Angels of Death might know how screwed up of a game this is, but in any case let me know if you don't want Zack to go into detail.
♚ #@&!: Zack swears. A lot. I feel like this should be mentioned.
♚ CODE: Please fill out the form below and reply to this post. All comments are screened.

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What is it with this horrible, fucked up place?
Isaac Foster
Blood Type
186 cm
July 24? (Age: Mid 20s)
killing, violent destruction, Ray
liars, excessively happy people

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(character relations)
like dislike what?

Ray | "We made a promise back home. Thanks for taking her away before I got to keep it, Wonderland."

Sharon | "I never asked for any sympathy, but she seems okay."

Jay | "Uh... Thanks for letting me know about Tim."

Tim's Mirror | "Not-Tim #1. Tried to set me on fire. F*cking hate his guts."

Mask Guy | "Not-Tim #2. I think. What the hell is this even supposed to be other than creepy?"

Tim | "Actual Tim isn't terrible, I guess. We both have issues."

Mae | "Smashing sh*t to pieces! Damn, we think alike."

Satarou | "This kid has some strong beliefs about death. Why, I have no idea."

CHARACTER | "quote"

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( Apr. 30th, 2017 03:34 pm)
INBOX text / audio / video / action Hey, this is Zack. I'm probably busy at the moment, so just leave a message.
And no fucking text messages. I won't respond to that shit.
art credit code credit
Sometime around March 2017, Zack was dragged into Town A to become a magical girl! Obviously, he wasn't too happy about it- He was in the middle of looking for Ray on floor B4, for crying out loud! However, he was told he had to earn a certain amount of "magical candy" by helping the town to go home. Not too bad, eh? Plus, with the increased physical abilities and the people he wound up befriending, this whole magical girl thing didn't seem so bad...

That's when the killing game began.

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This is the story of a magical girl called Reaper. )
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Name: Nyanka
DW username: [personal profile] nyanka_jinx
IM: Discord: Nyanka#7992
Plurk: [ profile] Nyanka

Other Characters: Dorian Gray: [personal profile] theothermrgray, Wheatley: [personal profile] literalidiotball

Character Name: Issac Foster (AKA Zack)
Series: Angels of Death
Timeline: Episode 2, after getting out of the poison gas room
Canon Resource Link: TV Tropes Character Bios from the official site. Sorry about the lack of resources. This game is rather obscure in the states, and it doesn’t have a lot of English wikis. However, an English translation of the game itself has been available on Steam since at least December of last year.

Character History: Zack didn’t have the best childhood. His birth father wasn’t a very good boyfriend to his mother, and the bastard tried to burn his son alive when he was just a little kid. Zack survived, even managed to bite the bastard for that, but his mother sent him off to an unlicensed orphanage after that. Not that the orphanage was any better, far from it. The owners were neglectful at best, and they kept having young Zack bury the other kids who died in their care. It was a thankless job, but he simply did what he was told.

That all changed one fateful night. You see, one of the owners liked watching slasher flicks, and sometimes they’d left it playing on one of the tvs while they were out. Zack just happened to be up that night, and ended up watching a brutal scene where the killer slaughters a couple. That gave him an idea. He knew what he had to do to escape.

He vanished after the incident. The police found the freshly slaughtered bodies of the owners amongst the older corpses of the children. They suspect Zack to be involved, but he had mysteriously vanished and was not seen for a long time…

Years later, Zack grew up to be a notorious serial killer. His victims? Anyone with a grin on their face and a spring in their step. Zack gets the urge to kill people if he sees them look extremely happy, and his bloodlust only grows as their joy turns into fear, and they try to get away. A series of gruesome murders in a certain state got the attention of a “priest” who goes by the name Gray, who approached Zack with an offer: Come with him, and Zack could kill anyone he wished without fear of prosecution.

Zack went along with it. Hey, he likes killing. Gray set Zack up in one of the floors of his… Murder building (What the building is actually called is never stated in the game). Each floor was meticulously designed to suit its master, and floor B6 was no different. Feeling quite at home in the dark alleyways that resembled his old stomping grounds, he chased the sacrifices down the halls, cornering the unfortunate ones and slicing them up with a scythe he had been given. There were others like him, other madmen and women in the floors above him lying in wait for the unlucky sacrifice that slipped through Zack’s clutches… However, Zack never hung out with them much. It was one thing to cut someone up and get it done with, but another to torment people, or declare love to them through burying them alive, or collect their body parts and watch them rot. Other than the neighbors, the only other downsides were the rules. Zack was not allowed to leave his floor, and he was forbidden to bring any harm to the other floor masters. Not a problem, right?

Well… It wasn’t until Rachel Gardener showed up. Ray was supposed to be one of the sacrifices he had to kill. Same old madness: Burst through the boarded up door, slice a bird in half, give the girl three seconds to run before he hunted her down…

And managed to lose her in one of the rooms. What. Zack wandered around, wondering where the fuck she ran off to, then decided it would be best to check the next room over after unlocking the door and leaving it open. He didn’t even think to look in that giant chest that could easily fit a 13 year old girl like Ray. He did see her again, after getting onto the rafters and following her from above, and continued his pursuit as soon as Ray got out of the elevator control room and back into the open.... That’s where he fucked up.

He got way too hyped up this time, forgetting that he’s not supposed to follow the sacrifice into the next floor. It actually gave him a bit of trouble, but when he finally caught up to Ray he found her being unstrapped from an operating table by Doctor Danny, the master of floor B5. Danny was smiling at Ray’s eyes, joyfully exclaiming he loved to look at her “beautiful peepers.”

Remember we mentioned that problem Zack had with openly joyful people…? Yeah...

As the unfortunate doctor lay bleeding on the floor, Zack walked up to Ray and pressed the tip of his scythe against her skin, but… Her eyes. Her vacant stare. It was the emotionless gaze of someone who had lost the will to live. Why the hell would Zack want to kill someone who looks dead inside? Ugh.

Around that time, an announcement came on the speakers that basically declared Zack a traitor who has been marked for death. Zack promptly freaks, rushes out of the room, breaks through a glass wall blocking the hallway, and starts banging on the elevator door while wondering how the fuck he’s gonna get himself out of this mess. Ray walks up behind him, nonchalantly with that dead look in her eyes, and calmly requests him to kill her. He refused at first, the thought of granting a death wish for an emotionless doll literally making him puke, but she changed his mind after going back and getting the elevator open. You see, being raised in the orphanage from hell means he didn’t get much of an education, plus he’s a rather impulsive fellow, so he’s not too good at planning or working his way through problems instead of using force. Keeping that in mind, Zack promises to kill Ray if she helps him get out of the murder building. She accepts, and they both get on the elevator. On the way, Zack tells her not to screw around and not to show him any over-ecstatic joy (due to his habit of killing those kinds of people.) Luckily, Ray’s not very emotional at all.

On B4 (where Zack was annoyed about only going down two floors and wanted to get out already) he and Ray walk past a man-made lake and stumble upon a dug up grave in the middle of a graveyard. (Yes, a graveyard. On the fourth floor of a basement. Don’t think about it too hard.) Zack jokingly suggests that Ray jump in if she wants to die so badly, but she points out to him there’s already a dead body in there. The corpse had a key in there, so… Whelp! Time for Zack to reach in there and grab it himself. He’s really grossed out by having corpse blood on his hands, but they make their way to the morgue and inspect a coroner’s report on the person they just saw… Wow. Zack is wondering what the hell he signed up for at this point. What’s with this horrible place?

Zack’s still grossed out by the corpse gunk, so he goes to wash it off at a convenient leaking hole in the wall Ray pointed out to him. Lucky place to find another key, huh? The room this one opens contains another graveyard, this one a bit nicer than the last. There are two headstones in the back of the room, one ornately carved, the other crudely made at the last minute. Both of them had writing on them, but Zack wasn’t able to make it out at first- Due to not being able to read. Lack of proper education will do that to you. Ray finds that the nice one has her name on it, and through process of elimination Zack deduces that the half assed tombstone is his…

Behind Ray’s tombstone, there’s a crack in the wall large enough for Ray herself to fit through. She wants to go in, Zack grumbles and tells her to hurry and investigate (and realizing death threats won’t work on people who want to die DAMNIT). When she returns, she finds him kicking at the half assed tombstone that was made for him. Oh, how he wants to smash the damn thing to bits… Ray says there’s some kind of lock mechanism in the room that she might need help to find, and tells Zack not to destroy her tombstone while she’s goes off to reexamine the documents. Why she wants him to leave it alone, he has no idea…

Zack’s tombstone still bugs him. He’s supposed to look for clues but he has the urge to smash the tombstone and his scythe shouldn’t be used against rock… There was a pickaxe in the other room, though. He wanders over there to get it, then goes back to bash it into the tombstone until it is nothing but a pile of rubble. Good stress relief right there! While he’s at it, he decides it would be a good idea if he went and smashed anything that looks like a gravestone on this floor. Thankfully, he decides to spare Ray’s tombstone like she made him promise, and he ended up finding the locking mechanism in the process anyway.

Ray eventually returns to find Zack pacing about impatiently and most of the graves in the room pulverized. She’s… Understandably weirded out, but she did find resume that had her info on it… Zack dismisses the resume as nothing more than pieces of paper that tell her story, but when she says she found a resume for someone named Issac Foster, he confirms his identity with a wicked grin and asks her what she thinks of it. Upon hearing that she doesn’t think much of it at all and she wasn’t scared, he tells her a story about a fangirl he brutally slaughtered. He gave that person a 5 second head start, but she didn’t make it too far, and started pleading for her life when she was cornered. Zack doesn’t like people who lie to get what they want, so he cut her up.

The only thing Ray got out of that was, “Oh, maybe if I say I’m your biggest fan, you’ll kill me?” Cue Zack thinking “Oh, shit. This bitch wants me to kill her!” He wasn’t used to people genuinely not being afraid of him at this point.

Awkward mumblings aside, Ray also found a locked door with some kind of locking mechanism on the floor in front of it. Remembering that there was a similar device somewhere on the floor in another area of the floor, she and Zack decide to go looking for it… But Zack just had to smash up the last tombstone in the room, just because it was still standing. He tells Ray he’ll find her a better grave when they get out.

The path to the other locking mechanism is found through a trail of creepy notes. Zack’s a little annoyed that Ray keeps stopping to read them. It turns out, the other part of the locking mechanism was submerged in the shallow man-made lake this whole time. Ray asks Zack to stand on it and he begrudgingly complies, voicing his concerns about dying in a place like that. He also tells Ray not to die on him before they get out, or he’s a goner, asking her why the heck she doesn’t just kill herself. She replies she wants to be killed because suicide is unforgivable according to God. Zack doesn’t really care for religion, and he attempts to get Ray to show some form of emotion. Her dead eyes ruin it for him, though.

Zack is left grumbling about being in the water while Ray goes off to activate the other part of the lock, when he feels a ringing noise under his feet. Assuming the door opened, he gets out of the water and heads out to check on Ray. On the way, the lights on the floor begin to flicker, making him wonder if anyone has paid the electric bill recently… Either way, Ray hasn’t come out from that crack in the wall yet. Zack paces the room, wondering why he agreed to kill someone as boring and emotionless as her, even though she did kind of… Look alive, in spite of the apathy on her face. Just as he feels he’s gonna go crazy thinking about it, the lights go out. When they come back on, he finds himself standing face to face with Eddie, the young masked master of floor B4. As a grave digger, Eddie’s understandably upset with how Zack destroyed his own grave. Zack remarks that it’s half assed, but in Eddie’s defense he was given short notice. Eddie then declares his love for Ray (It’s not that creepy- They’re the same age) and wishes to make an exquisite grave to bury her in. He taunts Zack, taking advantage of the flickering lights to dodge his frenzied attacks and ultimately escapes in the dark to go after her.

Zack tries yelling at her to get out, but it’s no use. Not willing to let some weird gravedigging kid kill his willing victim, he remembers seeing a crumbling wall in the morgue and makes a beeline for it, taking the pickaxe he used to destroy the graves. Sure enough, Ray was on the other side, and Zack keeps bashing the axe against the wall and yelling at her. He swears to God he’ll be the one to kill her, a threat Ray takes seriously. He breaks through the wall, finally reunited with Ray… But he heard Eddie being upset, and now the kid’s gone poof. WTF.

Ray confronts him about his casual mention of God, and he confirms. Yes. He did just swear to God. He. Hates. Liars. Ray then promises to make herself useful to him before she dies. Good to finally clear that up.

They go into the last room in the back, which turns out to be a power room. Zack kind of rushes ahead, eager to get out of this floor already, but Ray catches up to him. Eddie’s there, too, blocking the path and asking her why she chose a grungy killer over him. Ray tells him he swore to God to kill her. Eddie scoffs, saying the only freedom they have in this building is for the actions on their own floors, including murder. Ray dismisses him again, and Zack decides to taunt, blocking a provoked attack from Eddie. Zack points out that Eddie’s just a murderer, like him, yet Eddie claims that Zack is so dumb he hasn’t been able to kill anyone yet. Real rich coming from a child who wouldn’t be able to hurt a fly if he tried.

Eddie makes his move, and the lights shut off. Zack sends Ray to go find the power switch, which turns out to be across some kind of labyrinth. Luckily, she manages to make it before the flashlight she found ran out of battery. Eddie makes one last plea for Rachel to hop into his grave, before Zack finally corners the boy and brutally slaughters him. He dumps the body into an open grave in the middle of the labyrinth and shoves that grave’s tombstone on top of it, revealing the switch to activate the elevator on the back. FINALLY.

As they ride the elevator to B3, Zack asks Ray to call him Zack. Not “Issac” or “Sir”. Just “Zack.” Ray seemed happy that she was a tiny bit of use to him, and for a split second Zack thought he saw her smile… Probably nothing, though.

The first thing that greets them as they walk out of the elevator is a locked gate. Zack has no idea what to do, and he’s getting pretty miffed that they have to go through this floor looking for yet another elevator. Ray tries looking through her bag, and she says she has a needle and thread for some reason. Zack tries getting her to pick the lock, but Ray doesn’t know how to do that. Besides, there is no keyhole to pick. Zack gets frustrated and attempts to break the door down. Guess what? Scythes are useless against iron bars! Just like Ray mentioned a few seconds before he tried to break the door.

Speaking of breaking out of things, a siren suddenly sounds off in the room, catching Zack off guard. He sees machine guns coming out of the wall and pulls Ray out of the way before they get riddled with bullet holes. A woman’s haughty laughter is suddenly broadcast over the PA, and the master of floor B3 announces herself as the condemner who punishes the godless wretches. She opens the gate for them after a showy speech about her job… Zack is not amused at all, and calls her motives bullshit. As if God sent her to go kill people herself. Geez.

They come to a hallway where- Hey! Floor Master! All the doors are locked, what gives?! The floor master gives a half-hearted apology and opens up the door to a photography studio. She makes them take their mugshots while holding placards. Zack’s never had his picture taken before in his life, so Ray gets their nameplates and takes Zack’s photo first. Zack is impatient and squirmy, and Ray has to tell him to hold still or it’ll come out blurry. Like he even gives a fuck. When it’s Zack’s turn to take a picture with the camera, he presses the button too hard and Ray’s picture also comes out blurry. Good enough! Moving on!

The hallway they pass through has various punishments drawn on the wall (which the Floor Master drew herself). Zack’s not impressed by the shitty artwork. Regardless, the Floor Master gives the two of them a choice: Either suffer the torture depicted in the artwork, or spend the rest of their days imprisoned in the cells on the floors. Zack quickly says “fuck that” to the thought of eternal imprisonment, so he and Ray go on into the first punishment room… Which is two rows of life sized dolls sitting in chairs, facing some kind of weird… Electric chair behind an open gate? The only thing Ray could find to escape is a dirty rag, and Zack found an iron wall blocking the exit. At least this time he knows better than try breaking through with his scythe.

At any rate, he’s getting irritated about the lack of evidence to escape. He wants to destroy everything in sight, but Ray says there’s no evidence that he can smash everything. No evidence saying he CAN’T smash everything either. Fuck it, he’s sitting in the electric chair to think.

Big mistake. Suddenly, he finds his arms and legs restrained, and a monitor descends to reveal the face of the Floor Master- Cathy. She gloats at the two before starting the electric current, knocking Ray away from the chair and electrocuting Zack... Yet. Somehow he survived the initial shock, and he is PISSED OFF. Cathy’s almost impressed, commenting on how good of a killing machine he is, before hinting to Ray that there is a way to shut off the current, and she may let them free she finds it. Zack tells Ray not to screw up, or she won’t be living up to her end of the bargain and he won’t be able to murder that crazy sadistic bitch.

Cathy announces the eyes of the spectators are the virtue to the sinner’s punishment, and she starts the current again. Zack is only able to scream in pain as electricity races through his body. Luckily, Ray quickly figures out that getting the dolls to stop looking at him will weaken the current. She manages to turn some dolls around and snap some of their necks, but still other dolls are unable to be moved. She asks Zack to throw his scythe to her, be he can only toss it at the bars. That rag came in handy, since electricity and metal are conductors of heat and the scythe is now hot to the touch. 8 severed heads later, and the electricity is finally off. Zack’s slumped over, his body aching from the pain. Ray, hoping he’s not dead, goes to check up on him… Luckily, he’s still alive and still very angry at being turned into an electric eel. What took her so long?! And now there’s gunk on his scythe because Ray had to use it on the dolls. What’s next?

They continue on to another hallway. The way out of the hall is locked, forcing them to go into the big chamber with evidence of death. Before they do, Ray asks how much Zack knows about the other murderers in the building. Zack didn’t want to hang out with them much- They’re so crazy even a serial killer like him doesn’t want to be around them. Ray’s surprised he hasn’t tried to kill any of them earlier.

They go in and find a big room with a dead body, a gas mask, and lots of other things. Ray finds the remote and turns on the television, only to be greeted by Cathy herself. Surprise! It’s a timed escape room that’s slowly being pumped with deadly toxins! With only a broken gas mask to share between them, they agree to switch spots so one of them doesn’t pass out on the other. They take turns, gathering objects and supplies. Zack’s able to reach high places and smash down the doors, but he can’t make sense of the clues himself. At some point, they realize they have to get to an open air vent, and since Ray is short enough to fit through, Zack decides to just toss her up there. Thank god he has good aim…

They manage to get as far as obtaining the key card to escape, but Zack kept shoving it in the wrong way and ends up breaking it. Cathy comes back on the screen, mocking Zack for his impulsive stupidity, before announcing that she will be pumping the room with even more potent gas. Thinking quickly, Ray uses the stuff from the room to create a bomb to blow up the door. Zack’s got no intention of being blown up, but he does manage to find a large, open safe where they can both take cover before the bomb explodes.

That did the trick, at least, but while Ray’s still alive the poison in her system has clearly affected her. Zack tells her not to go dying on him. She insists she’s fine, but Zack’s not sure. In any case, Cathy is so impressed by Ray’s problem solving skills that she lets the two of them move on.

Zack notices that Ray is looking rather tired and sluggish. No good at all- if Ray croaks on him he’ll be trapped! He finds a small corner where he’s pretty sure Cathy’s cameras can’t see and tells her to rest there… While she’s passed out, Zack muses about her. She always does as she’s told, she only answers in simply words like “yes” or “yeah”. She’s like a freaking robot, so why is he caring so much for her safety?! Maybe it’s the poison. Zack decides to sit down near what looks like a dumpster and take a nap. Maybe that might help him...

Abilities/Special Powers:
Zack’s human, but he can withstand a lot of pain before dying and is strong enough to break through a brick wall with an old pickaxe. So… Really tough and really tough to kill.

Third-Person Sample:
Once again, Zack attempted to rationalize the order of events in his brain. He was locked in a room that was filling with poison gas. Ray used her bomb-making abilities to get them out. Ray was weak from the gas, Zack lets her rest somewhere, he goes to sleep himself… And he wakes up in the middle of literal fucking Wonderland?!? How the hell does that even happen? He just can’t wrap his mind around it, no matter how many people are brave enough to explain it to him. It just doesn’t make any damn sense. So, fuck it. Zack’s gonna go find himself a room and just sleep it off. Maybe this is all some kind of weird dream brought on by the poison in his system, or something.

He walks into the first available room he sees. A plain old hotel room, with a bed, and a mirror, and a closet. Bare bones stuff, but Zack has never really asked for much. It’s a lot nicer than home, at any rate. He leans his scythe on the wall and flops onto the bed. Hell yeah, it’s soft and comfortable. Just what he needed after a long day of being confused and disoriented. He closes his eyes for a moment, settling in, gripping onto the patchwork quilt with one hand…

Wait, quilt? Zack’s eyes snap open as he sits up, now aware of a sudden change in his surroundings. He could've sworn this was a hotel room a second ago, but now it was like some hipster walked into an abandoned basement room and turned into an upcycled bohemian paradise. The bed he was sleeping on looked like it had been made out of half a large beer barrel, the sheets and curtains were now quilted, the closet became a built in closet with solid oak doors… There was even a working flat screen tv sitting atop a repainted antique dresser.


Zack stared at this new room, his mind racing desperately for an explanation, but the only one he could think of is that this was all some kind of fever dream. If that was so, why did it all seem so real?

“... Jesus Christ,” He moaned as he rubbed the back of his head. “What is it with this weird place?” For a moment, he kind of wished he was back in the murder basement with Ray.

First-Person Sample:
[Good afternoon, Wonderland! Your resident slasher flick antagonist is on the network, and he’s filming a vase.]

Hey, guys! You seein’ this shit?!

I could have sworn I smashed that vase to bits about an hour ago, and now look at it! It’s right back where I found it! In one piece!

[He turns the camera towards him, treating everyone to an off-center view of his bandaged face.] The same thing happened with everything else I tried to smash! The mirrors fix themselves, the vases fix themselves, the weird pillar things fix themselves… Hell, even the scratches in the wallpaper where I cut it up with my scythe just fixed itself. Not even a mark!

What the fuck?! Is someone fixing everything, or do I just have to assume there’s some kind of repair fairy following me?!
[Ping! Recette gets a private message from Zack late Monday morning.]

Hey, Recette. It's Zack.

I found another pokemon in the shop. Probably Eliza's.

Come get it.
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[Sometime after everyone is done gathering around Seraphina, Zack finds her and pulls her to the side. He touches her waist, feeling for any cuts that might have been inflicted.]

[He looks serious, but he doesn't seem to have that murderous look in his eyes this time.]


Sera, how did you manage to survive that?!
[It has been proven at this point that if you put Zack near an innocent girl, his influence will slowly corrupt her.]

[Somehow, Recette got the idea that Suzy shall learn of his new nickname through the legendary funyarinpa... A piece of egotistical art with a long name that Zack had never heard of before, which would fit the bastard perfectly! Recette wanted to carve a message into the frame, so Zack suggested this lovely phrase: To Suzy, our wonderful corpse toucher.]

[Zack claimed it wasn't a dirty message, but alluding to when he would look at the dead bodies to check their wounds. He also convinced her that sneaking into Suzy's room to hang it on the door was the best way to give a suprise present. It's a good thing Recette was almost as dumb as he was...]

You know how to pick locks, right, kid?
[After that ordeal with the closet and the radio, Recette will get a text late at night from Zack.]

Hey, kid. You up?

I have something to ask of you.
[You got a message, Mia.]

Mia? It's Zack.

Meet me in the park, near that fallen tree. I need to ask you something.
[Either Zack hasn't slept, or he actually got up early for once. But around 6 O Clock, Eruna will start getting messages on her phone.]

Hey, Eruna?

I know we shouldn't be using this for you know what, but I still can't read, and we don't have much time.

One, can you see me after the announcement for something? I need to make sure this is a thing.

Two, I have Eliza's Pokemon, but I don't know if I'll be around that long to take care of them. Could you take them in if I end up kicking the bucket?
[We're murdering people now?]

[In one instance, he wouldn't have minded. He was provided familiar room and board, and he could kill anyone he wanted as long as he played nice with the other psychos.]

[This was different, though. Now his life was on the line. Along with the magical bullshit he's putting up with, he also has to keep an eye on his standings, plus he has to get enough candy so he can go put up with the familiar shit and find Ray... And if he has to get away with murder, it means he'll be put on trial if he gets caught.]

[Now, Zack has a certian M.O. that could pop up at any point, and while that would make him less likely to kill for some reasons, it would also get him punished for a crime he didn't commit. He needs someone to back him up, someone who isn't too likely to turn on him.]

[Luckily, Zack knows a certian dead eyed girl who hates being forced into bullshit. After dealing with the mystery person in the Network, he sends a private message to Miach's phone.]

Mia, it's Zack. Mind if I crash at your place for a bit? I gotta tell you something important.
((OOC: Continued from this comment.))

[Zack realizes his stuff might get him kicked out of the party, so he leans in and whispers what Eruna needs to look out for.]

If you see a black scythe with a round notch on the bottom near the base, it's mine.

[It sounds spooky, but yeah.]

If this place goes to shit, I'm gonna need it back as soon as possible.


Radio-combattler 4wd Tarou A comic for young boys, depicting the growth of a young boy who fights with RC cars. It’s said that elementary-schoolers all across Japan shed tears at Tarou’s lines in the final chapter. “Even if you get there going in reverse, the finish line’s the finish line! This’s what being an adult is!“

Princely Outfit It looks like it's from that Disney movie.. you know, the one where the princess eats a poisoned apple? Turns out it belongs to Eruna, so he gave it back to her.

Luwak Coffee Made from coffee beans taken from the feces of the Indian Civet. It has a unique fragrance, and is one of the most rare and expensive in the world. Too bad he didn't know what it was before he drank it.

Millennium prize problems Seven mathematics problems issued by the Clay Mathematics Institute in America. The prize money for solving even one of them is a million dollars.

In-vitro Rose A rose in a test tube; very suitable for sending to someone as a gift. In the language of flowers, red roses mean “love". Crown the Deerling thought it was tasty.

Knife Why, that knife looks awfully familiar... WAIT A SEC.

Glowing Key Purchased from the item shop. A key that goes to room 21 on the third floor of the Inn. It can't be destroyed for some reason.

Crown, the Deerling The Season Pokemon. Their coloring changes according to the seasons and can be slightly affected by the temperature and humidity as well. This one belonged to Eliza, but...

Scythe Zack's weapon of choice. He's been carrying it around with him almost everywhere since he got it back on Week 3.

Donut Floaty Ring A giant donut usable as a floaty ring. Naturally, you can eat it while floating in the sea as well. There are various prints, as well.

Kashi Paper "Ten-Act Poem" Washi paper made by a first-rate craftsman. You carry it around in your pocket and use it to keep your mouth clean.

Hair Scissors Anyone need a haircut?

Skull Mask An eerie skull mask appearing in the game “Time Travelers". Worn by the subordinates of the terrorist group “Skeleton".

Genius Author Fountain Pen A fountain pen used by a late, great novelist. The soul of the novelist dwells within it, and no matter who uses the pen, they can only write this same sentence. “I am no longer human.“

ITEM NAME Description of item goes here. If the item is used or given away, strikethrough the item name and explain what happened.


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mingle » Fav
Immediate aftermath of being summoned to be a magical girl.

▶ NOTE Miach walked up and commented on Zack's bandages. An unlikely friendship formed from there.

network » post
Is it just me, or are all the men women now?

▶ NOTE Zange laughs, then discusses idols.

▶ NOTE Kane has it worse. LOL.

▶ NOTE Eruna is an ordinary student who beats people up as an extracurricular activity.

▶ NOTE "Octavia" is an asshole.

▶ NOTE Ryuzaki does not mind.

mingle » open
Week 0 catch all for Zack.

▶ NOTE On Monday, a little kid helped write his name in the guest book.

▶ NOTE On Tuesday, Eruna ends up helping Zack pick out bones from the apartments.

▶ NOTE On Wednesday, Zack finds out about Miach's intentions to move to the apartments.

mingle » Joshua
Oh, look. Someone else who was changed into a girl.

task » Zange
Getting a cultist kid a happy meal.

task » Kaine
Fighting all the skeletons.

mingle » Miach
Helping a friend move.

mingle » Recette
Zack finds some girl who was lost in an alley.

network » Zange
Zack RSVPs to a sleepover

mingle » Tamamo
Zack gets into a fight.

▶ NOTE Eliza had to break them up.

mingle » Slumber party!
Open post.

▶ NOTE Eruna gets her prince costume back.

^^^^ » Miach
You seem lonely...

^^^^ » Recette
Quit hogging all the sweets!

^^^^ » Eruna and co.
Truth or dare?

^^^^ » Dia.
Got the right idea, girl.

^^^^ » Beyond Birthday
Ryuzaki, we know it's you!

mingle » Renji
Breaking through the barrier does not work.

mingle » Beyond Birthday
Stuff at the item shop.

mingle » Fav
You want us to do WHAT?!

network » Snow White
A mysterious helper appears!

mingle » Miach
Stairs? Stairs.

mingle » Edna
Haunted House exploring with Edna!

network » Dia
We need another meeting.

mingle » Dia
The meeting is underway!

network » M
The Mastermind crashes the meeting!

mingle » Edna
Hey, we've seen those bones before.

network » Eliza
Voice changing bowties are cool.

investigation » Dia Kurosawa
She was found in the apartments...

▶ NOTE Recette was led to the apartments by a dog that turned into a coin. (... What?)

▶ NOTE Zack got back from the gacha machine, and was changing his (makeshift)
bandages when Recette practically yelled at him over the phone.

▶ NOTE When he arrives on the scene, Miach is looking at human bone covered in dog saliva

▶ NOTE More details!

trial » Day 1
Stuff happens.

▶ NOTE Details!

▶ NOTE More details!

trial » Day 2
Stuff happens.

▶ NOTE Details!

▶ NOTE More details!

trial » Execution
The murderer was Beyond Birthday!

▶ NOTE Zack tells Eliza a story about why you shouldn't trust everyone.

▶ NOTE That is a lot of glass...

trial » Afterparty
Hosted by Tamamo.

▶ NOTE Details!

▶ NOTE More details!

mingle » Kyuubey
What are you doing here and why won't you die?

mingle » Eliza
Don't make deals with hellbeasts, kid.

mingle » open
Catch all for Zack

▶ NOTE What do you mean, there are no medical supplies in the nurse's room?!

▶ NOTE No, really Suzy. There are no fucking medical supplies.

▶ NOTE How to bond with children: Fail Crossy Road: Fav Edition on purpose.

▶ NOTE Miach and Zack watch a trailer and speculate.

▶ NOTE Dahlia, the scythe ain't for show.

▶ NOTE Hey, Recette! Let's break into the projector room!!

mingle » Open Post
Stuff happens.

▶ NOTE Details!

▶ NOTE More details!

investigation » Eliza Owens
She was found in the river...

▶ NOTE Details!

▶ NOTE More details!

trial » Day 1
Stuff happens.

▶ NOTE Details!

▶ NOTE More details!

trial » Day 2
Stuff happens.

▶ NOTE Details!

▶ NOTE More details!

trial » Execution
We chose both One and Kaine. They had to fight to the death.

▶ NOTE Kaine won.

▶ NOTE We fucked up.

trial » Afterparty
Hosted by Edna.

▶ NOTE Details!

▶ NOTE More details!

mingle » Fav

Renji died of impurity poisoning.


network/mingle/investigation/trial » character
Stuff happens.

▶ NOTE Details!

▶ NOTE More details!

investigation » Chiaki Nanami
She was found in the dollhouse...

▶ NOTE Sera was also there, and she claims Tamamo betrayed her.

▶ NOTE Zack: Wtf...?

trial » Day 1
Stuff happens.

▶ NOTE Details!

▶ NOTE More details!

trial » Day 2
Stuff happens.

▶ NOTE Details!

▶ NOTE More details!

trial » Execution
The murderer was Tamamo-no-mae!

▶ NOTE Details!

▶ NOTE No cake for me, thanks.

trial » Afterparty
Hosted by .

▶ NOTE Details!

▶ NOTE More details!

network/mingle/investigation/trial » character
Stuff happens.

▶ NOTE Details!

▶ NOTE More details!

network/mingle/investigation/trial » character
Stuff happens.

▶ NOTE Details!

▶ NOTE More details!

investigation » Dia
She was found in the apartments...

▶ NOTE Details!

▶ NOTE More details!

trial » Day 1
Well, that was fast.

▶ NOTE Details!

▶ NOTE More details!

trial » Execution
The murderer/traitor was Joshua Bright!

▶ NOTE Details!

▶ NOTE More details!

trial » Afterparty
Hosted by .

▶ NOTE Details!

▶ NOTE More details!

investigation » Kaine Parker
Body discovered in the Middle School by Edna.

▶ NOTE Details!

▶ NOTE More details!

investigation » Taiki Kudou
Body discovered in the Dojo by Recette.

▶ NOTE Details!

▶ NOTE More details!

investigation » Dahlia Hawthorne
Body discovered in the Bath House by Seraphina

▶ NOTE Details!

▶ NOTE More details!

investigation » Edna
Body discovered in the Observatory by Suzy

▶ NOTE Details!

▶ NOTE More details!

investigation » Szayelaporro Granz
Body discovered in the Morgue by Miach

▶ NOTE Zack finds it hard to dance on Suzy's grave when one of his best friends also liked him.

▶ NOTE Ew, Mia, why are you kissing a corpse?

investigation » Issac "Zack" Foster
Body discovered in the Police Station by Miach

▶ NOTE All Miach and Recette's friends are dead.

▶ NOTE Recette is keeping Zack's scythe.

▶ NOTE Blood tests show that the Hunter's blood did not get on the floor.

by cawaii
zackthekiller: (Down with the sickness)
( Mar. 18th, 2017 12:40 pm)
As you can tell, I am attempting to play Zack from Angels of Death (殺戮の天使).

If you have any questions or comments, please comment below. All comments are screened.
zackthekiller: Blood on my Name - The Brothers Bright (Default)
( Mar. 17th, 2017 01:06 am)

» Miach Mihie
I call her Mia for short. She's kind of weird, but apparently that's because she came from a crappy future where everyone must be healthy drones and she hates it and I don't blame her for that. Big philosophical type. I really don't mind having her around.

» Zange
Oh, great. Another religious freak. At least she doesn't push the God thing down my throat unlike some people. I think she's still pissed about the third trial, and I honestly don't blame her.

» Beyond Birthday
(Death Note)
Great, another weirdo who turned out to be an obsessive, bloodthirsty nut job. Not that his execution wasn't fucked up, but good riddance.

» Joshua Bright
(Trails in the Sky)
Damnit, I should have known this ass was working against us.
The only reason I didn't automatically kill him on the spot was because he actually confessed to the crime and explained himself as much as he was able. If it wasn't for the fox, I actually would have done that a long time ago.

» Eruna Ichinomiya
(Mikagura School Suite)
Weird high school lesbian who happens to be in a PG-13 fight club. We came up with the idea for the "Finding Home Club" together, and it's been doing an okay job of keeping the group focused on getting out of here. I kind of took over after she died... Damnit, why am I missing this girl?

» Eliza Owens
(Pokemon OC)
Funny thing, I actually managed to bond with her after B died.
Sure, she's a bad judge of character, but at least there's someone with her heart in the right place...
Didn't work out for her in the end, though... I hope whoever killed her dies miserably and goes straight to Hhell.

» Kaine Parker
(Marvel Comics)
We had so much in common, it turns out. Bad childhood, father's an abusive asshole, ended up doing something stupid and got his ass handed to him... Fuck. He was pretty cool to hang out with. Seriously did not deserve to have his limbs scattered across the middle school.

» Tamamo-no-mae
Okay, what the fuck is wrong with you?! You didn't HAVE to fucking steal my kill! And why did you actually think doing that for your husband was okay?! Be happy I didn't have any appetite for that cake you were made into.

» Szayelaporro Ganz
Ugh, and I thought Danny was sick. Not only do you have a weird name and a big ego, but did you seriously admit to making out with your fucking sword?! And, yes, you do need to have normal fucking emotions you psychopath! You're lucky I thought someone else was you that one time, I'm glad you got your guts ripped out... Then again, if he was Mia's friend... That's a bit awkward.

» Renji Abarai
Note to self: Don't touch the fucking impurity or you will die.

» Taiki Kudou
(Digimon Xros Wars)
Uh... Kind of blurted out my life story to him, and he actually pitied me. He didn't run away, or stare at me with blank, lifeless eyes. I kind of like the sympathy, kid... Too bad someone had to go cut your fucking head off. Yikes!

» Chiaki Nanami
(Dangan Ronpa)
Uh... Sorry for trying to kill you. I thought you were someone else.

» Moeka Kiryuu
Why are you on the phone all the time?

» Edna
(Tales of Zestiria)
She's kind of a voice of reason for me. Pretty cool to hang around, very strong personality. I can get behind something like that...
Too bad someone had to fucking kill her. Fuck you, hunter.

» Seraphina
I never thought I'd actually meet a literal demon. Like, serious demon thing going on here. Apparently, death battles are normal for demons in her world, and her morals are kind of skewed. Not that I can really judge, but geez...

» Dahlila Hawthorne
(Ace Attourney)
Pretty smart, knows how to do trials and computer things. Familiar with talking to the dead. Why did that asshole have to rip out her heart? It's fucking overkill.

» One
(Drakengaurd 3)
We really screwed up on that trial. Whoops.

» Recette Lemongrass
How did I end up making friends with a fantasy merchant who has poor judge of character? Uh... Time, Pokemon, and talking. She might be the last decent person alive, and it would be a damn shame if she ended up slaughtered.

» Dia Kurosawa
(Love Live! Sunshine)
She was one of the first people to get her priorities straight. Too bad she wound up dying first, too.

» Fav
Hey, pixel blob. Fuck you and your psycho master!

» M
The sadistic, manipulative BITCH running these games. When I get a hold of her, I'm going to tear her to pieces if she doesn't help us get out of this hellhole!

» Snow White
Didn't you say you were gonna help us at one point? Where are you, and what the hell are you doing?!

» Crown
I know I'm not the best Pokemon trainer, but someone had to look after this Deerling. Pretty laid back little guy, really likes free people food that isn't spicy. I guess that's one thing we have in common.

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