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( Mar. 16th, 2017 10:20 pm)

ZACK [Issac Foster]

❛ I'm a respectable male adult, so I'm not into shredding emotionless dolls. ❜

IC Inbox

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( Mar. 16th, 2017 11:25 pm)


♚ BACKTAGGING: This is fine.
♚ FOURTHWALLING: Unless we're in a community/meme that already breaks the fourth wall, please don't.
♚ THREADHOPPING: Sure, why not.
♚ OFFENSIVE SUBJECTS: I don't really squick easily, but if something ends up bothering me, let me know.

☄ IC

♚ PHYSICAL AFFECTION: Zack might not be too comfortable with it if he doesn't know you too well. Best case scenario, you get pushed away. Worst case... See the permissions section. Still, he won't mind it if he trusts your character, and I don't mind you trying it at all.
Zack doesn't romance easily, but if you can prove yourself to be a good friend he will protect you with his life.
♚ PHYSICAL VIOLENCE: You really want to fight this guy? He's strong enough to throw a 13 year old girl into a vent near the ceiling, he will chase after you relentlessly, and did I mention he's a freaking killer with a scythe?! Go ahead, he will fight you.
♚ INJURY/MURDER: Zack can take a lot of hits before he goes down. He has a strong resistance to pain, and he has been shown to be able to wield a heavy scythe while critically wounded. That being said, he is still human and can be killed. Let me know if you plan on dismembering or attempting to kill Zack.
♚ RELATIONSHIPS: If the CR's good, then I don't mind. Just one request: If the other character's under 18, can we please keep it platonic?

☄ Permissions

♚ HE'S A KILLER: Zack is, by nature, a very impulsive young man. One of his favorite hobbies is to kill people. Luckily, he only kills people who seem to be ecstatic or really piss him off. He won't go after empty, emotionless shells of people. Under normal circumstances, he will refuse to grant death wishes. So yeah, he may end up killing your character, or probably injuring them at least. I default to injury, but I will ask when he's about to try and kill someone.
♚ BAD CHILDHOOD: Zack comes from an abusive background involving a serious injury at an early age and mistreatment at an unlicensed orphanage. This may be disturbing to some roleplayers.
♚ MAD COWORKERS: The people he works/worked with at the murder building in his canon were all murderous lunatics who were more than happy to subject people to various tortures and have specific methods of murder. Any castmates from Angels of Death might know how screwed up of a game this is, but in any case let me know if you don't want Zack to go into detail.
♚ #@&!: Zack swears. A lot. I feel like this should be mentioned.
♚ CODE: Please fill out the form below and reply to this post. All comments are screened.

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( Apr. 30th, 2017 03:34 pm)
INBOX text / audio / video / action Hey, this is Zack. I'm probably busy at the moment, so just leave a message.
And no fucking text messages. I won't respond to that shit.
art credit code credit
Sometime around March 2017, Zack was dragged into Town A to become a magical girl! Obviously, he wasn't too happy about it- He was in the middle of looking for Ray on floor B4, for crying out loud! However, he was told he had to earn a certain amount of "magical candy" by helping the town to go home. Not too bad, eh? Plus, with the increased physical abilities and the people he wound up befriending, this whole magical girl thing didn't seem so bad...

That's when the killing game began.

Thread Tracker/Inventory | Character Relations Chart

This is the story of a magical girl called Reaper. )


Radio-combattler 4wd Tarou A comic for young boys, depicting the growth of a young boy who fights with RC cars. It’s said that elementary-schoolers all across Japan shed tears at Tarou’s lines in the final chapter. “Even if you get there going in reverse, the finish line’s the finish line! This’s what being an adult is!“

Princely Outfit It looks like it's from that Disney movie.. you know, the one where the princess eats a poisoned apple? Turns out it belongs to Eruna, so he gave it back to her.

Luwak Coffee Made from coffee beans taken from the feces of the Indian Civet. It has a unique fragrance, and is one of the most rare and expensive in the world. Too bad he didn't know what it was before he drank it.

Millennium prize problems Seven mathematics problems issued by the Clay Mathematics Institute in America. The prize money for solving even one of them is a million dollars.

In-vitro Rose A rose in a test tube; very suitable for sending to someone as a gift. In the language of flowers, red roses mean “love". Crown the Deerling thought it was tasty.

Knife Why, that knife looks awfully familiar... WAIT A SEC.

Glowing Key Purchased from the item shop. A key that goes to room 21 on the third floor of the Inn. It can't be destroyed for some reason.

Crown, the Deerling The Season Pokemon. Their coloring changes according to the seasons and can be slightly affected by the temperature and humidity as well. This one belonged to Eliza, but...

Scythe Zack's weapon of choice. He's been carrying it around with him almost everywhere since he got it back on Week 3.

Donut Floaty Ring A giant donut usable as a floaty ring. Naturally, you can eat it while floating in the sea as well. There are various prints, as well.

Kashi Paper "Ten-Act Poem" Washi paper made by a first-rate craftsman. You carry it around in your pocket and use it to keep your mouth clean.

Hair Scissors Anyone need a haircut?

Skull Mask An eerie skull mask appearing in the game “Time Travelers". Worn by the subordinates of the terrorist group “Skeleton".

Genius Author Fountain Pen A fountain pen used by a late, great novelist. The soul of the novelist dwells within it, and no matter who uses the pen, they can only write this same sentence. “I am no longer human.“

ITEM NAME Description of item goes here. If the item is used or given away, strikethrough the item name and explain what happened.


Code by [community profile] bannertech.

thread tracker

0 1 2 3 4 5 6

mingle » Fav
Immediate aftermath of being summoned to be a magical girl.

▶ NOTE Miach walked up and commented on Zack's bandages. An unlikely friendship formed from there.

network » post
Is it just me, or are all the men women now?

▶ NOTE Zange laughs, then discusses idols.

▶ NOTE Kane has it worse. LOL.

▶ NOTE Eruna is an ordinary student who beats people up as an extracurricular activity.

▶ NOTE "Octavia" is an asshole.

▶ NOTE Ryuzaki does not mind.

mingle » open
Week 0 catch all for Zack.

▶ NOTE On Monday, a little kid helped write his name in the guest book.

▶ NOTE On Tuesday, Eruna ends up helping Zack pick out bones from the apartments.

▶ NOTE On Wednesday, Zack finds out about Miach's intentions to move to the apartments.

mingle » Joshua
Oh, look. Someone else who was changed into a girl.

task » Zange
Getting a cultist kid a happy meal.

task » Kaine
Fighting all the skeletons.

mingle » Miach
Helping a friend move.

mingle » Recette
Zack finds some girl who was lost in an alley.

network » Zange
Zack RSVPs to a sleepover

mingle » Tamamo
Zack gets into a fight.

▶ NOTE Eliza had to break them up.

mingle » Slumber party!
Open post.

▶ NOTE Eruna gets her prince costume back.

^^^^ » Miach
You seem lonely...

^^^^ » Recette
Quit hogging all the sweets!

^^^^ » Eruna and co.
Truth or dare?

^^^^ » Dia.
Got the right idea, girl.

^^^^ » Beyond Birthday
Ryuzaki, we know it's you!

mingle » Renji
Breaking through the barrier does not work.

mingle » Beyond Birthday
Stuff at the item shop.

mingle » Fav
You want us to do WHAT?!

network » Snow White
A mysterious helper appears!

mingle » Miach
Stairs? Stairs.

mingle » Edna
Haunted House exploring with Edna!

network » Dia
We need another meeting.

mingle » Dia
The meeting is underway!

network » M
The Mastermind crashes the meeting!

mingle » Edna
Hey, we've seen those bones before.

network » Eliza
Voice changing bowties are cool.

investigation » Dia Kurosawa
She was found in the apartments...

▶ NOTE Details!

▶ NOTE More details!

trial » Day 1
Stuff happens.

▶ NOTE Details!

▶ NOTE More details!

trial » Day 2
Stuff happens.

▶ NOTE Details!

▶ NOTE More details!

trial » Execution
The murderer was Beyond Birthday!

▶ NOTE Zack tells Eliza a story about why you shouldn't trust everyone.

▶ NOTE That is a lot of glass...

trial » Afterparty
Hosted by Tamamo.

▶ NOTE Details!

▶ NOTE More details!

mingle » Kyuubey
What are you doing here and why won't you die?

mingle » Eliza
Don't make deals with hellbeasts, kid.

mingle » open
Catch all for Zack

▶ NOTE Miach and Zack watch a trailer and speculate.

investigation » Eliza Owens
She was found in the river...

▶ NOTE Details!

▶ NOTE More details!

trial » Day 1
Stuff happens.

▶ NOTE Details!

▶ NOTE More details!

trial » Day 2
Stuff happens.

▶ NOTE Details!

▶ NOTE More details!

trial » Execution
We chose both One and Kaine. They had to fight to the death.

▶ NOTE Kaine won.

▶ NOTE We fucked up.

trial » Afterparty
Hosted by Edna.

▶ NOTE Details!

▶ NOTE More details!

mingle » Fav

Renji died of impurity poisoning.


network/mingle/investigation/trial » character
Stuff happens.

▶ NOTE Details!

▶ NOTE More details!

investigation » Chiaki Nanami
She was found in the dollhouse...

▶ NOTE Details!

▶ NOTE More details!

trial » Day 1
Stuff happens.

▶ NOTE Details!

▶ NOTE More details!

trial » Day 2
Stuff happens.

▶ NOTE Details!

▶ NOTE More details!

trial » Execution
The murderer was Tamamo-no-mae!

▶ NOTE Details!

▶ NOTE No cake for me, thanks.

trial » Afterparty
Hosted by .

▶ NOTE Details!

▶ NOTE More details!

network/mingle/investigation/trial » character
Stuff happens.

▶ NOTE Details!

▶ NOTE More details!

network/mingle/investigation/trial » character
Stuff happens.

▶ NOTE Details!

▶ NOTE More details!

investigation » Dia
She was found in the apartments...

▶ NOTE Details!

▶ NOTE More details!

trial » Day 1
Well, that was fast.

▶ NOTE Details!

▶ NOTE More details!

trial » Execution
The murderer/traitor was Joshua Bright!

▶ NOTE Details!

▶ NOTE More details!

trial » Afterparty
Hosted by .

▶ NOTE Details!

▶ NOTE More details!

investigation » Kaine Parker
Body discovered in the Middle School by Edna.

▶ NOTE Details!

▶ NOTE More details!

investigation » Taiki Kudou
Body discovered in the Dojo by Recette.

▶ NOTE Details!

▶ NOTE More details!

investigation » Dahlia Hawthorne
Body discovered in the Bath House by Seraphina

▶ NOTE Details!

▶ NOTE More details!

investigation » Edna
Body discovered in the Observatory by Suzy

▶ NOTE Details!

▶ NOTE More details!

investigation » Szayelaporro Granz
Body discovered in the Morgue by Miach

▶ NOTE Zack finds it hard to dance on Suzy's grave when one of his best friends also liked him.

▶ NOTE Ew, Mia, why are you kissing a corpse?

investigation » Issac "Zack" Foster
Body discovered in the Police Station by Miach

▶ NOTE All Miach and Recette's friends are dead.

▶ NOTE Recette is keeping Zack's scythe.

▶ NOTE Blood tests show that the Hunter's blood did not get on the floor.

by cawaii
zackthekiller: (Down with the sickness)
( Mar. 18th, 2017 12:40 pm)
As you can tell, I am attempting to play Zack from Angels of Death (殺戮の天使).

If you have any questions or comments, please comment below. All comments are screened.
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( Mar. 17th, 2017 01:06 am)

» Miach Mihie
I call her Mia for short. She's kind of weird, but apparently that's because she came from a crappy future where everyone must be healthy drones and she hates it and I don't blame her for that. Big philosophical type. I really don't mind having her around.

» Zange
Oh, great. Another religious freak. At least she doesn't push the God thing down my throat unlike some people. I think she's still pissed about the third trial, and I honestly don't blame her.

» Beyond Birthday
(Death Note)
Great, another weirdo who turned out to be an obsessive, bloodthirsty nut job. Not that his execution wasn't fucked up, but good riddance.

» Joshua Bright
(Trails in the Sky)
Damnit, I should have known this ass was working against us.
The only reason I didn't automatically kill him on the spot was because he actually confessed to the crime and explained himself as much as he was able. If it wasn't for the fox, I actually would have done that a long time ago.

» Eruna Ichinomiya
(Mikagura School Suite)
Weird high school lesbian who happens to be in a PG-13 fight club. We came up with the idea for the "Finding Home Club" together, and it's been doing an okay job of keeping the group focused on getting out of here. I kind of took over after she died... Damnit, why am I missing this girl?

» Eliza Owens
(Pokemon OC)
Funny thing, I actually managed to bond with her after B died.
Sure, she's a bad judge of character, but at least there's someone with her heart in the right place...
Didn't work out for her in the end, though... I hope whoever killed her dies miserably and goes straight to Hhell.

» Kaine Parker
(Marvel Comics)
We had so much in common, it turns out. Bad childhood, father's an abusive asshole, ended up doing something stupid and got his ass handed to him... Fuck. He was pretty cool to hang out with. Seriously did not deserve to have his limbs scattered across the middle school.

» Tamamo-no-mae
Okay, what the fuck is wrong with you?! You didn't HAVE to fucking steal my kill! And why did you actually think doing that for your husband was okay?! Be happy I didn't have any appetite for that cake you were made into.

» Szayelaporro Ganz
Ugh, and I thought Danny was sick. Not only do you have a weird name and a big ego, but did you seriously admit to making out with your fucking sword?! And, yes, you do need to have normal fucking emotions you psychopath! You're lucky I thought someone else was you that one time, I'm glad you got your guts ripped out... Then again, if he was Mia's friend... That's a bit awkward.

» Renji Abarai
Note to self: Don't touch the fucking impurity or you will die.

» Taiki Kudou
(Digimon Xros Wars)
Uh... Kind of blurted out my life story to him, and he actually pitied me. He didn't run away, or stare at me with blank, lifeless eyes. I kind of like the sympathy, kid... Too bad someone had to go cut your fucking head off. Yikes!

» Chiaki Nanami
(Dangan Ronpa)
Uh... Sorry for trying to kill you. I thought you were someone else.

» Moeka Kiryuu
Why are you on the phone all the time?

» Edna
(Tales of Zestiria)
She's kind of a voice of reason for me. Pretty cool to hang around, very strong personality. I can get behind something like that...
Too bad someone had to fucking kill her. Fuck you, hunter.

» Seraphina
I never thought I'd actually meet a literal demon. Like, serious demon thing going on here. Apparently, death battles are normal for demons in her world, and her morals are kind of skewed. Not that I can really judge, but geez...

» Dahlila Hawthorne
(Ace Attourney)
Pretty smart, knows how to do trials and computer things. Familiar with talking to the dead. Why did that asshole have to rip out her heart? It's fucking overkill.

» One
(Drakengaurd 3)
We really screwed up on that trial. Whoops.

» Recette Lemongrass
How did I end up making friends with a fantasy merchant who has poor judge of character? Uh... Time, Pokemon, and talking. She might be the last decent person alive, and it would be a damn shame if she ended up slaughtered.

» Dia Kurosawa
(Love Live! Sunshine)
She was one of the first people to get her priorities straight. Too bad she wound up dying first, too.

» Fav
Hey, pixel blob. Fuck you and your psycho master!

» M
The sadistic, manipulative BITCH running these games. When I get a hold of her, I'm going to tear her to pieces if she doesn't help us get out of this hellhole!

» Snow White
Didn't you say you were gonna help us at one point? Where are you, and what the hell are you doing?!

» Crown
I know I'm not the best Pokemon trainer, but someone had to look after this Deerling. Pretty laid back little guy, really likes free people food that isn't spicy. I guess that's one thing we have in common.

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